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The Journey from Entrepreneur to Legal Partner

At Marti Law Group, we strongly believe in taking on the role of “legal partner” rather than “attorney”. We believe there are a vast amount of resources we can provide to entrepreneurs that go beyond the legal sector. Having been founded on an entrepreneurship-like mindset, it is our approach to offer our clients both networking introductions and legal services. Networking has become a huge part of a small business’s ability to grow, and we want to see your concepts and ideas develop. One of Justin Marti’s many networking connections is The MetroHartford Alliance Content Manager Nan Price (who you can read more about in our previous blog post here).This past week, Innovation Destination Hartford released an article on Marti Law Group, written by Nan (you can check out the article here!)

"Everyone says find something you love. Find something you’re willing to put your blood, sweat, and tears into. Stay at it, build your network, and use your resources. I can’t emphasize that enough."

The Beginning

In his mid-20s, Justin embarked on his first entrepreneurial endeavor in the dental industry that began with building one office, which quickly transpired into 40 dental practices in about 10 years.

With the continuing desire to “do more”, Justin made the decision to attend Western New England School of Law in an effort to better understand the legal complexities encountered while running his business. In 2018, Justin and his partners decided to sell the company to a private equity group. Having scaled a business from the ground up, Justin knows exactly what resources are important to entrepreneurs and how best to offer support. Promoting small businesses in West Hartford is something that Marti Law Group places great emphasis on. The passion behind working with startups and young entrepreneurs is what fuels our advocacy in the community.

Flat Fees & Stepping Away from Billable Hours

Startup businesses often don’t have a huge financial-backing and it is crucial for them to keep their costs at a minimum. “Hiring a lawyer” and “budget-friendly” are not phrases you commonly hear together in one sentence. With many of our business clients seeking assistance with small business formation, we believe it is essential for them to be able to budget their legal fees like they would anything else. As a result, our team has worked diligently to step away from the traditional notion of hourly billing and replace it with a more transparent flat fee model. By instituting flat fees, we remove a level of uncertainty and strive for efficiency. Hourly billing naturally thrives off of the length of a legal matter and becomes more profitable dependent upon how many hours are spent working on a file or communicating with the client and any other parties involved. Client communications and meetings are already worked into our flat rate pricing, so that we can form a relationship with our clients and wear the “advisor hat” without the added expense

Contact Information

Stay up to date in the small business community by checking out Innovation Destination Hartford, a MetroHartford Alliance Initiative.

Reach out to Marti Law Group regarding your real estate and business needs: 860-552-7770 or


Disclaimer: This website is solely intended for the purpose of providing general information. This blog post is not a substitute for legal advice, thus no attorney-client relationship is created. An attorney-client relationship is only formed with Marti Law Group after you have signed an Engagement Letter. Nothing on this website constitutes legal advice. Every situation is different and fact-specific, and a proper legal analysis is necessary. The best way to get guidance on your specific legal issue is to contact a licensed attorney in your jurisdiction. To schedule a consultation with an attorney at Marti Law Group, please contact: or 860-552-7770

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