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Small Business Advocacy in West Hartford

A special thank you to Nan Price from The MetroHartford Alliance and Annisa Teich from The Small Business Collective for taking the time to discuss the resources available to entrepreneurs and small business owners alike, along with their take on the small business community as we continue to emerge from the pandemic.

Entrepreneurship Spikes

It may come as a surprise to some that during the (ongoing) COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant increase in entrepreneurship in the small business community- especially right here in West Hartford. Many residents who were laid off or forced to take retirement early in 2020 have decided to pursue their passion projects and establish a lifestyle that involves multiple streams of income. With job security continuing to be a very real concern for much of society, there is no better time than now to pursue a business venture that you’ve been putting off for years. Starting a new business is often associated with risk, but there are new emerging markets to explore that weren’t available pre-pandemic. The ability to work for yourself allows you to take control of your income and explore a passion that drives you in a way that your 9-5 may not.

Resources to Boost Your Business

Most entrepreneurs feel lost when entering the small business world, as they are embarking on a new journey during an unprecedented time and may be unaware of the resources available to them. At Marti Law Group, we believe in providing our clients with all of the resources they need to successfully navigate their business from start to finish. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the importance of networking in the community which is why we are constantly searching for the best resources.

Nan Price is the content manager at The MetroHartford Alliance, an economic development partnership that provides various resources to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Nan is also the voice behind Innovation Destination Hartford, an online portfolio of free tools, advice, networking events (and so much more) for startups and entrepreneurs. Through her work, Nan has seen many businesses embrace the “silver lining” and discover innovative ways to increase their audience through online streaming.

Annisa Teich is the founder of The Small Business Collective and co-owner of West Hartford Coworking, both of which provide affordable tools for marketing and growth - from logo design to conference room rental space. The Small Business Collective and West Hartford Coworking are run from an entrepreneurial mindset, with a narrowed focus on building up the Hartford small business community. Annisa is an advocate for the Hartford business community and encourages entrepreneurs to stay in Hartford to pursue their business by offering a one-stop business shop.

Here to Help

We are fortunate to have a strong, resourceful community in West Hartford with a multitude of advocates on your side. Marti Law Group, The MetroHartford Alliance, Innovation Destination Hartford, The Small Business Collective, and West Hartford Coworking are just a few of the affordable resources available to entrepreneurs in the state of Connecticut.

Contact Information

Nan Price, The MetroHartford Alliance:

Annisa Teich, The Small Business Collective and West Hartford Coworking:


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