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Attorney Marti co-founded a dental business at 25 years old, knowing very little about the industry. He built his first office by hand and worked over 16 hours per day to ensure success. He maintained this work ethic as the brand grew to over 40 locations across the Northeast and eventually was sold to a private equity firm.


During that time, he attended Western New England University School of Law at night, as his passion for business and law grew. While in law school, he focused heavily on business and real estate coursework. He then began purchasing investment properties in St. Petersburg, FL and West Hartford, CT, applying his knowledge and skillset to negotiating and drafting Purchase and Sale agreements and leases. He managed to balance all of this with the complexities of running a multi-unit business and starting a new family.  He was also a finalist in the 2020 Connecticut Entrepreneur of the Year Awards for the Scaling Venture category.


Today, he uses his extensive experience in business and real estate in helping families, fellow entrepreneurs and business owners with a variety of legal needs. Whether it is assisting real estate clients, mentoring start-ups, or facilitating the purchase or sale of healthcare practices, Attorney Marti aims to disrupt the legal community by delivering world-class service with a flat fee model. With a deep passion for education, Justin is also an Adjunct Professor at American International College in Springfield, MA, where he teaches business and healthcare classes.

“Humans of action, above all, those whose actions are guided by love, live forever.”

– Jose Marti


I am an entrepreneur and a real estate investor first and Attorney second.  I built this firm with the vision that we don't just consider the legal aspect of our clients' matters, but rather the practical side as well.  Whether you are starting, growing or selling a business or building your real estate portfolio, we have been in your shoes.  We have had both successes and failures in our own businesses and have learned from both.  Now, we bestow that knowledge upon our clients, helping them to make informed decisions as they build their own legacies. Similar to Apple Computers, the inner entrepreneur always forces me to "think different”.  My first instinct in analyzing a situation is to consider how can we do this better, faster and more effectively?  We don’t always find we need to reinvent the wheel, but we do often discover that it needs a hell of a lot of grease.  We put in the extra work to find those solutions, because to us, it’s personal.

Some say I walk around with a chip on my shoulder.  I find this to be mostly true. As the great-grandson of a Cuban revolutionary and an individual who has had to overcome significant adversity and doubt in life (I lost my brother and best friend at the age of 20 causing a whirlwind of mental struggles), I have always had a fighter's spirit.  I have had to pour my heart and soul in to everything that I do because there was no other way. Family, hard work, mental health and physical fitness are all of the utmost importance to me.  So yes, that “chip” pushes me to excel and go above and beyond to advocate for my people…be they family, friends, clients, teammates, or some combination therein.  This is the crux of my “Why”.  Like the generations of Martis before me, it is in my blood to fight for my cause.  To not rest until I know I have done all I can to leave behind a legacy that my children can be proud of and my clients can appreciate.