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Hannah hembree

Hannah Hembree is the Operations Manager at Marti Law Group. Playing an essential role in our growth, she oversees all operations, from project management to billing to hiring. With a background in communications, she also assists in marketing and event coordination. A people person to her core, Hannah has the unique gift of making all around her feel understood and valued. She leads with empathy and effective communication.


Prior to joining Marti Law Group, Hannah worked with various tech startups to grow through social media, community engagement, and customer service. She found her footing as an executive assistant to the C-Suite, where she began to specialize in operations. Hannah graduated from DePaul University with a BA in Communication. 


Outside of work, Hannah is dedicated to helping others reach their highest potential and has actively created and supported volunteer-based programs that empower unhoused individuals to rebuild their lives and share their stories. She also enjoys fostering dogs, attending the concerts of her favorite artists like Harry Styles and Taylor Swift, exploring new challenges like rock climbing. She aspires to be the first female with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome to conquer El Cap in Yosemite National Park.

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