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Buying, operating, and Selling small businesses
Made Simple

We can help you stay confident and compliant at each stage, whether opening, operating or selling your business!

Be Confident

Be Prepared

Be Successful

We believe BUSINESS OWNERS need more than an attorney, you need a legal partner with:

A proven system and framework.

Result-oriented guidance at each step of your entrepreneurial journey.


Practical business experience and legal compliance expertise

Services delivered through a Value-Based Pricing model.

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Marti Law Group

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At Marti Law Group, we know that running your own business can be a daunting task. You chased your dream with hopes of finding professional and financial freedom, but it came with the stress of legal risks, managing people, and seemingly endless expenses! You want to feel confident and in control while running your small business. To do that, you need a legal partner that understands our unique needs and has a proven strategy to guide you.

Our approach is founded upon two principles:

1) Practical Understanding: The firm founder started, scaled, and exited a 45-location dental group. Like you, he sat in the driver’s seat of the rollercoaster that is entrepreneurship. This allows the team to pull from real-world experience and see things through a small business owner’s lens.


2) Legal Expertise: Having worked with hundreds of small business owners across various industries, we understand
the vast legal hurdles that have to be overcome to ensure a compliant and profitable practice.

What’s more, we have reinvented professional legal services through Value-Based Pricing. There’s no longer any unpredictable and inefficient hourly billing.

We make the opening, operating, and selling of small businesses easy, comfortable and affordable.

Just see what these clients have said:

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Here's how to get started:

1. Book a free 15-minute consultation.

2. We review your goals and the needs for your small business.

3. We create a custom plan and guide you ever step of the way!

Stop feeling anxious about entrepreneurship! Take thE next step today!

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“7 Questions to Ask When Buying Or Selling

A Healthcare Practice”

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