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Buying and Selling Dental Practices Made Simple

We can help you stay confident at each stage when buying or selling a dental practice!

Be Confident

Be Prepared

Transition the Right Way

We believe dentists need more than an attorney, you need a legal partner with:

A proven system and framework.

Result-oriented guidance at each step of the transition.

Services delivered through a Value-Based Pricing model.

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Marti Law Group's “Dental Transition Plan” has helped hundreds of dental professionals reach their transition goals.

We make the buying and selling process easy, comfortable, and affordable.

Just see what these clients have said:

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Here's how to get started:

1. Book a free 15-minute consultation.

2. We create a custom-tailored Dental Transition Plan.

3. We guide you every step of the way to reach your goals!

Stop feeling anxious about an exciting transition in your life and career. Take thE next step today!

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“7 Questions to Ask When Buying Or Selling

A Dental Practice”

Marti Law Group

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At Marti Law Group, we know that when buying or selling a dental practice, you want an informed transaction, where you are in control and feel comfortable at each stage of the process. To do that, you need a law firm experienced in the dental industry with a proven strategy to guide you. 


The Dental Transition Plan, our custom transition guide, is built to set expectations and drive predictable outcomes for providers. At any given moment, you know exactly where we are in the buying or selling process.  Through this framework, we have helped hundreds of dentists like you to achieve their goal of successfully buying and selling practices.


 What's more, we have reinvented professional services within the dental industry through Value-Based Pricing. There's no longer any unpredictable and inefficient hourly billing.

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