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Rachel Monahan was born and raised in Seymour, Connecticut. She began ballet at the age of four and continued her dance training for the next eighteen years throughout her academic career. This provided Rachel with incredible discipline, strength, and resilience. She attended Fordham University at Lincoln Center where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the prestigious Ailey/Fordham BFA program. On top of attending this vigorous program and dancing professionally, Rachel also explored other fields of interest and became heavily immersed in the hospitality and event industries. She worked in these fields for many years in New York City and later, Connecticut.


Throughout her multitude of roles in various environments, Rachel developed an avid interest in law and became devoted to changing her career path. She became an executive assistant to the chief technology officer at a top real estate law firm in Connecticut where she began seriously developing her project management skills and led many projects and initiatives to fruition. She got an advanced look into the inner workings of a successful firm and acquired many new skills within both the legal and information technology fields.


Rachel recently joined Marti Law Group as an executive assistant and is thrilled to be a part of a team that takes a personal approach to every matter, prioritizes clients' wellbeing, and provides an innovative approach to the customary legal billing model. She is honored to be a part of a team that is transparent, passionate, and meticulous. She is excited to assist with every aspect of operation and looks forward to continuing to grow with the company. She hopes eventually to also become an attorney herself.


Outside of the office, Rachel lives with her boyfriend of thirteen years, fox terrier, and miniature pinscher. She is a health and fitness aficionado and is a huge advocate for mental health.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”

– Winston Churchill


Through legal matters of my own and watching others struggle with theirs, I've noticed not only a prevalent lack of personal touch and care at most firms, but also significantly high costs that are often disproportionate to the quality of service(s) received. Because of this, I've become passionate about being a part of a company that is brave enough to put people in front of profit and that truly cares about the quality of work they do. This is exactly how Marti Law Group operates and why I've chosen to be a part of this team. They truly have your best interests in mind with their value-based pricing model, first-hand business and healthcare experience, and core values. They are passionate about what they do and always do what is right. Being involved in the bar/restaurant business for so many years (especially on the management end), I learned the importance of establishing relationships, building trust, providing quality products and services, being consistent, and looking at the bigger picture. Being able to merge my experience in business and interest in law is also what excites and drives me to be here at Marti Law Group. 


Through years of significant adversity in the workplace and within my personal life, I realized the power of resilience and the importance of not letting the places you've been dictate who you are and where you can or will go. I've dreamed of being able to defend, stand up for, educate, and help myself and others who need it. This is "why" I've chosen the legal field. Because you can do something to make a difference in others' lives. Whether that means being involved in a life-changing business acquisition or formation or eventually representing clients with employment issues, I will be able to assist in achieving tangible results for those who need it.

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